PRI Free Reusable Pain Relief Device Initiative

PRI Program Document

Program Name: Free Reusable Pain Relief Device Initiative

Organization: Pain Relief International in collaboration with the United Nations

Program Summary:

In collaboration with its partners, the Free Reusable Pain Relief Device Initiative aims to alleviate pain for underserved populations worldwide. This program involves the distribution of an innovative, non-invasive pain relief device that utilizes the patented Neurocuple™ technology. This durable product is suitable for all ages and a variety of conditions, from mild discomfort to severe chronic and acute pain.

Program Objectives:

  1. Distribute reusable pain relief devices with Neurocuple™ technology to low-income, underserved populations worldwide.
  2. Partner with the United Nations, government organizations, NGOs, and other charitable institutions for fundraising and distribution.
  3. For each $1,000,000 raised, our goal is to help over 80,000 individuals.
  4. Continuously measure and assess the impact of the program through recipient feedback.

Program Description:

The pain relief device is a durable, non-invasive, and drug-free solution designed to leverage the user's neural network for managing and alleviating various kinds of pain. This revolutionary device incorporates patented Neurocuple™ technology, suitable for relieving discomfort from mild conditions to severe chronic or acute pain.

Target Beneficiaries:

The primary beneficiaries are underserved, low-income individuals worldwide suffering from chronic and acute pain, or pain due to post-surgical or post-traumatic incidents.

Implementation Method:

The devices will be distributed free of charge through our network of local volunteers, partner organizations, and United Nations agencies. Distribution will occur continuously throughout the year as funding becomes available.


Pain Relief International will work closely with the United Nations, government bodies, NGOs, and other charitable organizations to raise funds and distribute the pain relief devices.


The program will be primarily funded by corporate donations, grants, partnerships, and foundations. Each $1,000,000 raised will enable us to help over 80,000 people.

Success Metrics:

The success of the program will be measured by the number of individuals impacted by the distribution of the pain relief devices, as well as the feedback received from the recipients.

Program Leadership:

The program will be led by Executive Director Rhett F. Spencer, who will work alongside project leaders, volunteers, and United Nations representatives to ensure the successful execution of the program.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations:

Given the pain relief device's status as a general wellness product with no controlled substances or power sources, there are no significant regulatory hurdles expected in the implementation of this program.


This is an ongoing initiative with distribution happening throughout the year as funds are available. Regular program reviews will take place to assess impact and recalibrate the initiative as necessary.

Through this collaboration with the United Nations and our partners , Pain Relief International reaffirms its commitment to providing innovative, non-invasive solutions for pain management to those who need it most. Through our partnerships, targeted fundraising, and rigorous impact measurement, we will work tirelessly to alleviate pain for underserved populations across the globe.