Phantom limb Pain Management

 Phantom Limb Pain Management
  1. Initial Placement: Place the device at the furthest end of the limb and leave it there for a few minutes.
  2. Adjustment if Needed: If you don't experience relief, move the device closer to the torso (towards your brain) in small increments. Hold in each position for several minutes.
  3. Further Adjustment: If the pain persists, return the device to its original position and leave it there for several hours or overnight. Afterward, repeat the adjustment process, but keep the device in each position for several hours until the pain lessens or disappears.


The device can be used with either side facing the body.

The device does not require direct skin contact and can be used over clothing and bandages.

The device can be used for an extended duration without concern. There are no side effects, nor is there a risk of overdose from continuous use.

The device can be secured in place using a wrap, tape, or the hook-and-loop fastener located on one side of the device.

The device can last for years with proper care. It will still function even if covered with dirt, mud, blood or other debris. The device can be shared with others and is easily cleaned with soapy water.